Lauderdale County Soil and Water Conservation District

Fostering Conservation of Our Shared Natural Resources
    Soil and Water Conservation Districts and their local governing Boards of Supervisors were formed nationwide based on the "enabling legislation" from congress that grew out of the devastating "Dust Bowl" and other critical conservation problems of the 1930's
  2. Who We Are
    Members & Staff: CHAIRMAN: D.C. Thornton, Jr. VICE CHAIRMAN: R.L. Behel SECRETARY/TREASURER: Nancy O'Neal MEMBER: Lawrence Smith MEMBER: Brian Smith DIST. ADMIN. COORIDNATOR: Helen Parker Second Creek Watershed Coordinator: Donna Garretson
  3. What We Do
    We are here to serve the needs of our local landowners in Lauderdale County through outreach and education. Our main purpose is to serve as a liaison between our landowners and governmental agencies.
Lauderdale County Soil & Water Conservation District
A Rich History and a Powerful Future
By 1967 the state of Alabama had established local Soil Conservation Districts based on county boundaries.  Since then, Lauderdale County has officially been involved in water and soil conservation.  But even prior to that, our current board members had families deaply  involved in conservation of our natural resources.  Our Chairman, D.C. Thornton was appointed to our Board in August of 1995.  Mr. Thornton raises corn, cotton, wheat, soybeans and beef cattle.  Our Vice Chairman, R.L. Behel was appointed to our Board in 2005.  He is a retired dairy farmer raising grain, soybeans and beef cattle.  Our Secretary Nancy O'Neal was also appointed in 2005.  Nancy manages over 800 acres where she raises cattle, horses and small grains.  Lawrence Smith was appointed to serve on our Board in 1997.  He raises cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat and beef cattle.  Brian Smith was appointed in 2012.  He raises beef cattle and hay. Each member serves on the Board for a 3 year term before being eligible for reappointment. 
This rich, diverse  history is the spring board that our members are using to promote conservation for us today and into the future.  All of our Board members use their knowledge and farming skills to promote agriculture through education and in the local development of Federal Agriculture Programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. 
We are here to foster a conservative attitude in the next generation of farmers toward our shared natural resources.